Personal info​​

After 14 years in the corporate world, I took a plunge into an alternative lifestyle. I keep my days busy with yoga, fitness, writing, cooking and meditation.  

Being a musician myself, I like to incorporate that as much as possible.

My yoga instructor certification was done at Nasik. It's had a tremendous impact on me. I wish to share the effects of that with others. You could be curious about yoga, or into losing weight and looking great, or just fixing a neck and wrists damaged by hours of typing away at a keyboard while laid back on a couch.


Yoga can be different things for different people. But it has to be practiced with the right intention and focus. Posture, breathing, attitude, focus, all come in play aside of the stretching and bending. Yoga is a form of meditation too. It does work on the mind. If you need a yoga instructor at home at a time convenient to you, please get in touch. Or if you need an instructor for your corporate retreat/employees at work.

I learnt the detox diet regime from a medicine man deep in the Amazon jungle in Peru. I then combined it with a bit of exercise. A self-taught fitness afficionado, my personal landmark was losing 25 kilos over a period of 3 months. Without any extreme dieting or exhaustive fitness routines.  

I believe it's possible for everyone to practice a healthy lifestyle. Not just physical health, but psychological well-being and mental peace too. At detox camps, I implement diet, yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions in a calm and peaceful corner in the outskirts of the city, a getaway from the grind. A 'rejuvenation' centre, if I may. If you think this could help you or someone you know, please do get in touch.


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